Ready To Grow?
PPC can help to accelerate the growth of your business; driving sales or generating leads, and can do so relatively early on in a campaign. It can also involve fairly sizeable budgets.
For this reason, it's important that your PPC campaigns are managed by the right agency; one who will partner with you to drive high-growth success and focus upon commercial KPIs; those which truly matter to you.

Mistakes can be costly and it takes years of experience (and learning) to be able to deliver a strong ROAS through PPC. Luckily, we've got that and have demonstrated fantastic results for clients across a number of highly competitive industries including fashion and travel; driving rapid growth and transforming businesses.
Managing campaigns across both paid search and paid social; we're focussed upon one main goal ... making you money! At the end of the day, that's what it all comes down to.

We take the time to understand your business, your products or services and your audiences.

We'll then take this insight and apply our innovative PPC approaches to launch and optimise campaigns which continue to deliver a strong ROAS month after month.
What Sets Us Apart From Other Agencies?
Unlike many agencies, we focus solely upon three core, complementary, areas of digital; SEO, PPC and content marketing.

This means we're not distracted by other sideline projects, allowing us to put 100% of our efforts into what we do best.

We're dedicated to continually evolving our PPC approaches, investing heavily in training and professional development, both through conferences and by bringing some of the UK's leading industry individuals to The Lake District for workshops and seminars.
Aside from running successful campaigns for our clients, we're one of the only agencies in the region regularly contributing to leading industry publications including Search Engine Journal and SEM Rush, sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider industry.
What's Our Approach To PPC?
We've developed a tried and tested approach which drives high-growth results, placing our clients in front of their ideal customers.

Campaign Launch...

We don't just jump blindly into setting up a PPC campaign; whether that's on search or social. We take the time to understand both your business and your target clients and customers, as well as getting to know your competitors a little bit better.

If you've been running a campaign previously; we'll take the time to carry out a detailed audit to outline opportunities (we much prefer to call them opportunities rather than issues) for returning a stronger ROAS. If not, we'll map out a campaign structure in line with the goals and KPIs.

Whilst we often need to collect data to optimise and refine campaigns, we'll use existing insight where possible to ensure that the campaign starts to show a strong return as early as possible. We'll work with you to determine those metrics which matter to you as a business and the most suitable attribution model to use for reporting.

It's all about hitting the ground running with a campaign structure which can be built on and a plan for continual growth in place; always keeping a close eye upon the key commercial metrics of the campaign.

Ongoing Optimisation...

Once a campaign launches, that's when the hard work begins. We're always aiming for better metrics and we're primarily interested in those which affect the bottom line of your business. We're here to make you money and our ongoing optimisation and campaign management is geared towards pushing every last percentage of ROAS from paid search and social.

Whether that's continually improving a product feed to power a shopping campaign, building tighter audiences across social and remarketing or analysing search term reports to make regular negative keyword additions; there's always ways to better the performance.

We're big fans of using the right tools for the task, however we don't rely on any particular software suite. We'll always work with that which is most suitable for each campaign.

We're often seen using the following, however: