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Digitaloft is an award-winning team of experienced and passionate SEOs, PRs & creative content marketers that help growth-hungry brands make their investment into organic work harder…

Our Story.

Founded in 2014 following the industry-wide fallout after Google's Penguin Update , Digitaloft's number one focus is to deliver nothing short of the very best work possible for clients, and driving meaningful growth for every single one of these in the right way.

And to this day, as the size of our team passes the 70 mark, this ethos still rings as true as it did right back at the start.

But we're big believers that the best agencies are specialists, do one thing and do that one thing very well. For us, that's organic growth; taking an integrated approach to leveraging our in-house expertise across technical SEO, content and digital PR to have a measurable impact on real business metrics such as revenue or SQLs.

By sticking to what we know, and do, best, we're in a heightened position to add true value to the businesses that we work with and become a trusted growth parther. In our opinion, you can't be that when you're offering a bit of everything.

We never set out to be a clone of other agencies. Not once. When so many others were becoming full-service agencies, we continued to specialise in what we know and love, and kept innovating and refining. The perfect example of this is the fact that we've been doing digital PR since long before everyone called it digital PR. To us back in 2016, that was just the way we did linkbuilding...

We're the first to recognise that it's rare to find an agency that is as good at digital PR as it is at SEO. Often one or the other, but rarely both. But when these tactics work perfectly in sync, the growth can be unstoppable. This is Digitaloft and where our excellence lies; connecting the dots between SEO, content and digital PR.

"We’ll always be locked into the fundamentals of SEO, yet we continue to innovate, evolve and do things our own way. And this is what keeps us at the forefront of the industry."

"We’ve never had much of a desire to simply go out there and copy what others are doing. Not at all. We’ll be inspired by others, of course we will, but ultimately we carve our own path, and this has always set us up for our own success."

James Brockbank, Managing Director & Founder

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What We Do.

We're the first to admit that not all agencies approach SEO and digital PR in the same way as we do. And we see that as one of our strengths, not just being “just another agency.”

Whilst we're all about driving organic growth, this breaks down into working with in-house teams across three key areas...


From strategy to technical audits and on-page implementation, our team are specialists in search and have proven experience driving significant growth in organic rankings, traffic and revenue.


Helpful content has become more important than ever in driving SEO success in recent years, and our content strategy and production teams are perfectly set up to create content that deserves to rank.

Digital PR.

Digital PR is about so much more than links, but it's equally the most effective way to earn authoratative editorial links that position your brand (and your people) as experts in your industry.

We’re trusted by a fantastic portfolio of exciting brands...

Our Team.

Behind every successful campaign, every strategic decision, and every moment of innovation at Digitaloft, there's a face, a story, and a passion to deliver nothing short of standout results.

Our team is the agency's most valuable asset, and we're proud to introduce you to some of the people you'll be working with as a Digitaloft client.

Meet Our Leadership Team.




Meet Our Management Team.



The Digitaloft Difference.

Rather than reeling off the things that every agency says they do, we think it's more important to make it clear how we're different to others and what sets us apart. Why? Because these are some of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us over other agencies.

An industry-leading integration between SEO & digital PR.

Our proven experience sits as much in SEO as it does digital PR, and we're the first to shout about how valuable this rare integration is to our clients.

We've been doing digital PR since long before everyone was calling it digital PR, and we're perfectly placed to cover the three key pillars of SEO success; tech SEO, content and link acquisition (not forgetting brand building) within our integrated teams.

A team that truly gets it.

We've built a team from the ground up that truly gets it and are proud to shout from the rooftops about the platforms we have in place to equip every single one of the team to deliver results in the Digitaloft way and achieve the high standard of results we expect.

We continuously invest in developing a team that's at the forefront of the industry and, quite simply, understands how to drive success every single time.

An in-house advantage.

Absolutely everything we do as an agency is delivered by our in-house team.

We're big believers that, to maintain quality, consistency and a drive to achieve great results, work must be undertaken by a team who is bought into a client's success; and this means having everything within the agency rather than relying on contractors, freelancers or outsourced teams. That's not us.

The Agency Principles.

These 14 principles encapsulate our approach to work, our commitment to excellence, our philosophy of teamwork, and our promise to our clients.

  • We have fun & support each other every step of the way.
  • We make client-first decisions.
  • We take ownership of our actions.
  • We prefer clear and simple solutions.
  • We hire and develop the best.
  • We think big and think creatively.
  • We have a bias for action.
  • We go above and beyond to deliver results.
  • We get comfortable having difficult conversations.
  • We train, then trust.
  • We know our shit.
  • We all contribute to building an agency we're proud to work for.
  • We embrace change.
  • We make data-driven decisions.

Digitaloft; a Great Place to Work®.

We're proud to have been recognised as a Great Place to Work. In our latest Great Place To Work® employee survey, we achieved a Company Culture score of 89% based on our team's feedback, compared to the 54% rating achieved by a typical UK company.

Quite simply, we care about our team's wellbeing as well as their work, and are proud to go above and beyond to demonstrate the immense value we place on each and every person within the agency.

We're also proud to have been included on the Great Place To Work® Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services™ 2023.

Our Community Commitment.

We're dedicated to playing our part in a better future for our planet and our communities, and we're privelaged to be in a position to be able to do this.

Through the agency's Community Commitment, we're proud to work with Ecologi to plant trees on behalf of each and every one of our team members each month, to play our part in offsetting our emissions.

But it's not just the planet we're doing our bit to take care of. Our 23/24 "Charity of the Year" is Samaritans, which will see us take part in various fundraising activities as well as working with a number of their regional teams to offer marketing support for volunteer recruitment..

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Our work wins us awards…

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