Digital PR

Whether promoting a new product or service, company news or an upcoming event, let us tell your story to the online arm of regional and national press, industry publications and bloggers to generate awareness and coverage, two elements vital to the on-going success of any business or brand.

We’re strong believers that building your brand is more important in the digital age than ever before. Don’t forget that in 2016, you’re not only competing against your traditional competitors but also for attention against the likes of social media, streaming TV and a whole host of gadgets.

We’ve worked hard to build up relationships with key contacts on the online teams of national and regional newspapers as well as a whole host of bloggers, using these in a strategic way to earn coverage for any given campaign.

We’ve recently earned coverage for our clients on publications including:

Big Hospitality

Design My Night

City A.M.

Evening Standard

To succeed at online PR, you need to have a good story and we’d like to think that we’re pretty darn good at coming up with a new twist or angle! We’ve got a wealth of case studies which demonstrate our connections with the right journalists and bloggers at the right publication and we’d love to have a chat with you on how we can get your brand the coverage you deserve.

Call us today on 01539 766244 to learn how we could transform your brand’s online presence through a strategic use of digital PR.