Content Marketing
Content-Led SEO
Successful content marketing campaigns are built upon great ideas. Without these, campaigns simply don't deliver links, coverage and engagement.
We use our tried and tested, multi-step approach to ideation to drive campaigns which go viral, win awards and which support our clients' SEO goals.

We produce content campaigns which drive success for our clients through earned links, coverage and engagement and a key factor to this is choosing the right format for each concept. We'll work with you to determine a format which helps tell the story and which publishers will link to, rather than simply giving an unlinked brand mention.
A successful content campaign starts with a great idea, however, and we've perfected our ideation approach; using multiple sources for inspiration, for gathering data and for analysing concepts to ensure we've got a great story to tell.

It's then all about choosing the right format; be that an interactive tool, an infographic, survey, data-led research or other; using this to pitch to top-tier journalists, bloggers and publishers to land coverage and those all-important links.
What Sets Us Apart From Other Agencies?
Unlike many agencies, we focus solely upon three core, complementary, areas of digital; SEO, PPC and content marketing.

This means we're not distracted by other sideline projects, allowing us to put 100% of our efforts into what we do best.

We're dedicated to continually evolving our SEO approaches, investing heavily in training and professional development, both through conferences and by bringing some of the UK's leading industry individuals to The Lake District for workshops and seminars.
Aside from running successful campaigns for our clients, we're one of the only agencies in the region regularly contributing to leading industry publications including Search Engine Journal and SEM Rush, sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider industry.
What's Our Approach To Content Marketing?
We've developed a tried and tested approach which drives great results, earning links and coverage from top-tier publications.

Ideation & Production...

It all starts with a great idea! Content marketing is all about telling the right stories to the right people and we're pleased to say we're pretty good at doing that!

Whether we're commissioning a survey, analysing public data or hooking into a current hot topic; there's a whole host of ways we generate ideas; however the common thing across all ideation is that we focus primarily on the end story; not the format.

That's not to say we're not carefully selecting the format for the content, however. Certainly not. Our designers and developers work closely with our strategists to turn data and concepts into beautiful pieces of content.

From interactive tools and infographics to beautifully presented data analysis, surveys and more; we're all about choosing the right format to tell the story as perfectly as possible.

Outreach & Promotion...

Once we've launched a content campaign, we're all action upon executing a targeted outreach and promotion campaign. Typically, we're looking to land links and coverage from relevant publishers to support the wider SEO goals.

We've got a fantastic network of journalists and bloggers in a wide range of industries; ensuring we're able to pitch to the right people at each publication to drive success from the content.

We typically take a top-tier-first approach to all outreach and content promotion; working on the premise that coverage from such publications often results in pickup from bloggers and second-tier media. That's not to say we ignore these; not at all, just that we start at the top!

We regularly land links for our clients from publications including: