Omnichannel Retailing

If you’ve never considered the opportunities on offer across eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other online retail platforms, you could be missing out on a significant volume of sales. We’ll develop a multi-channel strategy which sees you placed in front of your buyers wherever it is they choose to shop online.

Too many marketers (both in-house and agency side) reach for the easy options when it comes to eCommerce and wrongly assume that the only channels to drive sales with in this day and age are organic SEO and PPC, with social media marketing thrown in to help build the overall brand presence.

We look to go a little deeper than most do when it comes to planning a strategy for our clients and always try to outline online sales platforms where sales could be driven. In most cases, the consumers shopping in these places wouldn’t ever be shopping direct, something which further paves the way for the right pricing structure to be utilised across each channel.

We’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to and will come up with an omnichannel retailing plan to see your cross-platform sales and revenues grow on an on-going basis.

Call us today on 01539 766244 to learn how we could open up new sales channels with an omnichannel retailing strategy or take a look at examples of previous campaigns in our case studies below.