Earning 75 Topically Relevant Links to Drive Growth in Compare the Market’s Broadband Rankings

72 links

earned from the press

40 domains

linking to the campaign

Top-tier coverage

on Mashable, Techspot & more

Published on 21 May, 2020 Standout stats.

72 links earned from 40 unique referring domains.

Linked coverage secured on topically-relevant publications including Mashable, TechSpot, Trusted Reviews, Beta News & Hexus.

A simple but effective use of third-party data to launch a campaign that significantly exceeded its target.

The Client:

Compare the Market is the UK’s favourite price comparison website, helping consumers to find the best deals on a variety of insurance and financial products. You’ll know them for their lovable meerkat mascots; Aleksandr, Sergei, Oleg, Maiya, Bogdan, Vassily and Yakov.

The Challenge:

We were appointed by Compare the Market in mid-2018 as their digital PR agency and given a brief to earn high authority links to drive growth for the brand across their broadband product.

With a link gap having been identified between Compare the Market and a number of key competitors, there was a requirement to launch a campaign that helped to close this; earning quality links at scale whilst placing a strong focus upon building links from topically relevant publications and articles.

The campaign’s target was to earn links from a minimum of 10 unique domains.

The Strategy:

We’ve all become accustomed to relatively-stable and relatively-fast broadband connections here in the UK.

But how does our connectivity compare to the rest of the world?

The Global Broadband Index saw us take a deep-dive into the cost and speed of broadband in more than 50 countries around the world (we studied high-income economies) in order to showcase a global comparison.

Yet we knew that, in order to maximise the interest from the press, we needed to find a way to make the data more accessible to a wider audience, and we did this by revealing, as part of the study, the time that it would take to download a one-hour episode from Netflix in each location.

By doing this, we were all of a sudden able to pitch in headlines that hooked into the frustrations that we all feel when a download takes way longer than we’d expected.

The Results:

To date, The Global Broadband Index has earned 72 links from 40 referring domains:

This includes earned links and coverage from top-tier publications including Mashable, Trusted Reviews, TechSpot and more.

By taking the decision to ‘go global’ with the campaign’s analysis, we were able to open up a wealth of opportunities in order to earn 4x the initial target KPI.

Journalists love to be able to compare two or more locations, and the angles that we took in the campaign allowed us to do just that.

However, the real strength of the story lay in the UK”s shock ranking in position #27, highlighting that our own average download speed sits at just 55.14 Mbps in comparison to top-ranked Singapore’s 185.25 Mbps.

"I wanted to THANK YOU for being pivotal in us achieving success with creative campaigns that has translated into improved organic performance. Digitaloft has been incredibly professional, consistent and flexible over the past couple of years and you all deserve the respective credit for your efforts."

Juan Vargas Associate Director, Organic Performance - Compare the Market

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