The Digital PR Summit (Online).

August 11th 2020, 1.00pm BST

A FREE half-day virtual event that brings together some of the brightest minds in digital PR to share tips, tricks and insights to help you to launch successful campaigns.

The Digital PR Summit (Online) is a FREE half-day online event that brings together some of the brightest minds in digital PR to share actionable tips, tricks and insights, to help you to launch successful campaigns that build links and get people talking about your brand.

Limited tickets available.

You should register to attend if:

– You’re currently working in digital PR and want to learn from a group of awesome marketers.

– You’re working in SEO and want to learn how to earn linked coverage from top-tier press publications.

– You’re in traditional PR and want to pivot your focus towards digital.

– You’re an in-house marketer who manages and works with external agencies and want to better understand the processes behind digital PR campaigns.

– You simply want to feel inspired and encouraged to go and create something great.

The event’s sessions and speakers will include:

Abi Bennetts, Digitaloft

Stories Over Formats – The Power of Storytelling in Digital PR

As digital PRs, our jobs are to provide journalists with stories that get people talking, which is why we need to be thinking about stories first (rather than formats), when we come to think of ideas for campaigns.

In this talk, Abi will explain the psychology of why storytelling works, and provide some top tips on how to choose the best stories for your digital PR campaigns.

Meet Abi:

Abi is a Digital PR Strategist at Digitaloft where she plans, develops and executes successful digital PR strategies to land top-tier links and coverage.

Abi enjoys delivering talks about digital PR tactics, creative campaign strategy and psychology in outreach.

When she’s not building links, Abi loves singing, devouring books and obsessing over pictures of her two Maltipoo dogs, Lola and Hugo.

Follow Abi on Twitter.

Jazmin Batisti, Verve Search

Get Your Head in the Game: A Different Way of Creating a Campaign

As a Digital PR firm we use several techniques to get the attention of journalists, but there’s one that we find isn’t used enough by brands: Games.

You may think games aren’t suitable for your product, but during my talk, I’ll show you several examples of how to advertise your brand and grab the attention of your audience and the media by “gamifying” your content.

I’ll also explain how to take the content even further by tracking, recording, and sending the results and data for outreach. 

Meet Jazmin:

Jazmin is the Design Team Lead at Verve Search. She started her Graphic Design career in Buenos Aires where she first worked in print design before moving to the digital industry where she thrived.

After 2 years of working on digital advertising for Leo Burnett, she moved to London and joined the Verve Search team where she’s been working for over 4 years.

In her time at Verve Search she’s worked on over 70 campaigns that have been featured in several top-tier publications.

Follow Jazmin on Twitter.

Louise Parker, Propellernet

Digital PR & Relevancy – Creating Stories That Appeal To Your Audience & Earn Great Links

The relevancy of your brand to your digital PR story is something that is being discussed more on social media recently – but striking the right balance between aligning with your brand audience and still hitting your link KPIs is not always easy.

Too branded and you’ll have journalists send you straight to the advertorial department, whilst purely focusing on creating what will get you links and you’ll miss the benefits of being audience-targeted.

I’ll be sharing how we find a happy medium, which doesn’t mean you have to compromise on gaining great links.

Meet Louise:

Louise is Digital PR Director at Propellernet and has worked in digital PR for five years, securing coverage and links for brands like Premier Inn, Kuoni, carwow and PureGym. She specialises in creating link building strategies that both excite journalists and connect with a brand’s audience. She also makes incredibly niche TikTok videos about digital PR (@louise_digitalpr).

Olivia Smith, Digitaloft

Big Ideas: How to Come Up With & Validate Big Performing Campaign Ideas

A good idea is fundamental in making sure your campaign is a success.

But how do we come up with strong ideas that perform well?

And how can we spot the best ideas and ensure weaker ones don’t get pitched to clients? 

Olivia will be sharing some insights into how she comes up with ideas, providing tips on how to get smart when it comes to ideation.

She will also explain how the team at Digitaloft validate concepts and come up with digital PR campaigns that earn links at scale and get people talking! 

Meet Olivia:

Olivia is the Head of Digital PR at Digitaloft.

She joined the team back in 2017 where she was leading on all campaign outreach and has worked on some of the agency’s biggest campaigns to date! 

Olivia won Young UK Search Professional 2018 and is proud to be apart of and lead an award-winning PR team.

Follow Olivia on Twitter.

Surena Chande, Re:Signal

Making Headlines: Pitching Tips From A Former Journalist

From crafting the perfect subject line to ensuring journalists everything they need to piece a story together, Surena will be sharing actionable pitching tips from her experience as a journalist.

Meet Surena:

Surena is the Digital PR Manager at Re:signal, where she is tasked with coming up with creative campaign concepts for clients and acquiring coverage on top-tier publications.

Formerly a journalist, with roles and bylines on publications including Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, OK!, BBC Good Food Middle East and Cosmopolitan Middle East, Surena has utilised her skills and experience in the world of digital marketing for over three years.

Follow Surena on Twitter.

Thierry Ngutegure, Rise at Seven

How I went from Spending £100,000+ a year on Surveys to £0.00 – The Sources, Techniques & Hacks in Data for Digital PR

A look at how you can reduce your reliance on surveys and incurred data costs for your digital PR campaigns. In this session, Thierry will go through the different tools, sources and techniques to develop and deliver a data-led PR strategy that smashes your KPIs.

Meet Thierry:

Thierry is the Data & Insights Manager at Rise at Seven, overlooking everything data and research-orientated. Aligning with operational efficiencies, reporting strategies for SEO/PR, data-led content creation, data journalism and consumer research.

An expert in data-led insight, Thierry’s roots in biological sciences and consumer economics makes sure the audience is always at the core of everything.

Thierry’s client experience spans Berghaus, MyHermes, Missgudied, PrettyLittleThing, Gocompare, Uswitch, Ladbrokes and Badoo/Bumble.

Follow Thierry on Twitter.

PLUS, we are also extremely excited to announce that Google’s John Mueller will be joining us for a live Q&A session to answer your link-related questions.

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