The Digital PR Summit (Online).

September 29th 2021, 10.00am BST

A FREE one-day virtual event that brings together some of the brightest minds in digital PR to share tips, tricks and insights to help you to launch successful campaigns.

The Digital PR Summit (Online) is a FREE one-day online event that brings together some of the brightest minds in digital PR to share actionable tips, tricks and insights, to help you to launch successful campaigns that build links and get people talking about your brand.

Limited tickets available.

You should register to attend if:

– You’re currently working in digital PR and want to learn from a group of awesome marketers.

– You’re working in SEO and want to learn how to earn linked coverage from top-tier press publications.

– You’re in traditional PR and want to pivot your focus towards digital.

– You’re an in-house marketer who manages and works with external agencies and want to better understand the processes behind digital PR campaigns.

– You simply want to feel inspired and encouraged to go and create something great.

The event’s sessions and speakers will include:

Kristin Tynski, Fractl

Why you shouldn’t sleep on nofollow links: the hidden value of the nofollow link and the power of natural syndication networks

The value of nofollow links has long been hotly contested.

In this talk, Kristin will walk the audience through how Fractl thinks about nofollow links, their impacts on SEO and content syndication, and why it is important to think of them in a wholistic way, or potentially suffer considerable missed opportunity. Using specific examples from their work, she will lay a foundation for how to think about nofollow links, and how to better integrate and communicate their value internally, or to clients.

Meet Kristin:

Kristin is a seasoned content marketer whose focus over the last 16 years has been on staying at the forefront of data-driven content creation and high-touch digital PR work. While the methods have changed as new channels have emerged, the base principles remain the same. Create something that provides value, activates emotions, and demonstrates the brand’s unique selling proposition in an organic way, and it is possible to see the unmatched power of content-based inbound marketing.

Rebecca Wright, Rise at Seven

Finding new writers on new websites in new markets

We’re often asked to outreach to markets we don’t know. How can you best find the top publications, beat writers, and niches you need to pitch? We’ll tell you based on the process of using data to define which sites you should pitch.

Meet Rebecca:

Becs is like talking to a walking encyclopedia – she will get you on board with her digital PR knowledge but that isn’t the half of it as politics, American history, 4 legged furry creatures, and crime documentaries are just several of her other skillset.

With her 5+ years of digital content promotion experience, she’s ready to bring the Rise at Seven US PR offering to the forefront of digital PR trends in the United States. She believes where there is a will, there’s a way to get links.

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Marina Plummer, Kaizen

Hacks to ideate, outreach and manage your time smartly in a fast-paced agency

Life as a digital PR can be pretty busy, as we constantly wear a load of different hats to do our jobs. Whether it’s trying to find the time to come up with a bespoke outreach email, managing clients to make them feel loved, or the continuous creation of link worthy ideas on a variety of topics, our jobs are not only diverse, but they’re bloody hard. 

In this talk, Marina will be providing hacks that will hopefully make your life as a digital PR easier and more productive each day. From coming up with ideas under pressure to turning a new angle around in a matter of hours, Marina wants to share her biggest learnings on being smart with your time as a digital PR to produce the best results. 

Meet Marina

Marina is a Senior Digital PR Manager at Kaizen, a growth marketing agency based in London.

From large corporate brands to small businesses, Marina is fully involved in all areas of the Digital PR process, from ideation through to outreach.Marina has a passion for life, links and Digital PR, and is particularly interested in continually learning how to improve and evolve as a Digital Marketer.

Outside of work, she is a keen CrossFitter and loves a Thai takeaway on a Friday night whilst watching Gogglebox.

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Phoebe Leyland, Digitaloft

How to Become An Expert In Your Client’s Niche When You Know Nothing About It (Yet)

Working across several different industries is something agency workers are all used to. However, we often find ourselves needing to be an expert in an hour on a topic we’ve never even heard of before. From engineering to education, this is how to command conversations, get instant results and own your expertise no matter the sector.

Meet Phoebe:

Phoebe is a Digital PR strategist at Digitaloft, who has worked in the industry for 2 and half years and has experience in both Digital PR and multi-channel content strategy.

Phoebe creates Digital PR strategies that are target-audience driven and search orientated.

When Phoebe’s not working, she can be found at a beach walking her puppy Bagel.

Katie Swann, Digitaloft

Creating a scrutiny-proof methodology for PR campaigns

Creating a really great PR campaign is about more than just coming up with headline-grabbing concepts. If we really want our campaigns to perform, they need to be able to stand up to scrutiny, and the buck stops with the methodology. 

Katie will explore how we can balance creative campaigns with accuracy and integrity, ensuring that only our best work goes out, covering:

  • The importance of a strong methodology for journalists, clients and us as creatives
  • Where we can find reputable and accurate data sources
  • The limits of some data sets
  • What we can and cannot extrapolate from data
  • How campaigns can be controversial as long as they are correct, pointing to a few of our campaigns that have caused quite a stir despite being accurate

Meet Katie:

Katie is a Senior Content Executive at Digitaloft with nearly seven years’ experience in the industry. Having written for every industry from finance to felines, she has a broad general knowledge, perfect for any pub quiz team.

When she’s not creating imaginative PR campaigns, Katie is often found in the kitchen or watching a true crime documentary.

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Laura D’Amato, Verve Search

Create content that travels

If you think translating a campaign in another language is enough to get coverage in the best publications around the world, think again!

With experience working in 10 different countries, Laura will talk about what you need to do to create content that crosses borders, cultures, and languages. She will talk about three different approaches to creating content for an international crowd, using examples of campaigns that have worked well and sharing the errors to avoid along the way…

Meet Laura:

Laura is the Outreach Director at Verve Search. Since she started in the industry 4 years ago, she has not only been building links in the UK but also in other English-speaking countries, France, and Italy.

She is now in charge of the very international outreach Team at Verve Search, always working on finding new ways of getting links around the world.

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Beth Nunnington, Journey Further

How to set your PR strategy on fire

When executed correctly, digital PR can be used as a channel that drives real performance, both through building brand awareness and organic growth.

The three main steps to driving performance through PR are:

  • Be data-driven and relevant
  • Maintain an always-on approach 
  • Make your coverage work harder and prove ROI through paid media channels

This talk will be packed full of actionable tips that you can implement straight away, as well as discussing what being relevant really means to Google.

Meet Beth:

Beth is the PR Director at Journey Further, a performance marketing agency, overseeing the growth and development of its Organic Growth offering.

Specialising in Digital PR, Beth has overall responsibility for the PR team, with 10 years’ experience leading on accounts such as Villa Plus, Ann Summers, Atom bank, Buyagift and Burton’s Biscuits.

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Abbi Connor, Builtvisible

Coverage, but at what cost? Being kind with Digital PR

As the ‘be kind’ movement continues to drive online conversation, it’s important to take stock of the of the role our industry plays.

Featuring tips and advice on how to integrate ethical practices within your processes- from ideation, to research, to outreach and beyond- this talk will discuss how we can, as Digital PR professionals, take steps towards preventing the spread of fake news and making the online world a fairer, more trustworthy place.

Meet Abbi:

Abbi Connor is a Senior Digital PR and Promotion executive at Builtvisible. With a background in traditional PR and her finger on the button of the news cycle, she is always on the lookout for innovative ways to harness the ever-changing media landscape in order to benefit her clients.

She is particularly interested in creating novel, reactive campaigns that transcend creative boundaries and catch the eye of both traditional and digital media publications.

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Richard Paul, Propellernet

Why every Digital PR team should be using Reddit

Google Trends, Twitter and Insta get turned to a lot when it comes to inspo and execution for digital PR teams, but Reddit can get forgotten about.

Used properly, Reddit can be a source for inspo, data, advice, near instant feedback and even coverage.

This talk will cover various ways to use Reddit in any digital PR strategy, using examples of when it’s worked, tools to use and the odd word of warning around avoiding the wrath of passionate Redditors!

Meet Richard:

Richard Paul is a Digital PR Director at Propellernet and has worked in the industry for almost a decade, working both agency side and in-house alongside brands that include Premier Inn, PureGym, easyJet and Evans Cycles.

He’s worked on award-winning campaigns and has a big interest in the creative and storytelling side of PR.

Outside of work, Richard spends most of his time lusting after sneakers and trying to convince anyone that’ll listen, that Kanye West is in fact, a genius.

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