You vs The Kardashians

The Brief

Having spent the early months of the campaign resolving a large number of technical SEO issues and having seen organic visibility growth of more than 40% as a result of this, we needed to earn high authority links to continue to see the campaign progress.

Knowing that the fashion industry is highly competitive when it comes to earning coverage, we knew we needed something topical, relevant and 'out there' to earn targeted coverage and links from some of the world's leading publications. We needed to develop a content campaign with a strong media hook.
Content Marketing
Over 700 links earned from the world's biggest publications with a clever use of data, an interactive tool and a great story...

The Solution

A series of ideation sessions saw us settle upon the concept of developing an interactive salary calculator; You vs The Kardashians, which allowed users to enter their annual salary and see how long it would take each of the Kardashians to earn this amount, based upon data pulled from the Forbes Reality Superstar Rich List 2017. The tool allowed for a multitude of different stories to be pulled from it; including how quickly the family could earn the average UK or US salary, their earnings per second, hour and day and even comparisons to certain job roles and industries.

The client's audience are primarily millennial females, those who love catching up on the latest episode of KUWTK and 'celebrity style' features on the family had previously been run on the blog, presenting us with the perfect tie to the brand.
The campaign perfectly showcases how a great idea backed by the right choice in content format can send a story viral, drive targeted traffic and deliver measurable SEO results.

The Results

To date, the campaign has earned more than 700 links from some of the world's leading publications including Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Glamour, Refinery29, MTV & many more as well as being visited by more than 200,000 unique users over the first 4 week period.

The significant volumes of earned links have contributed towards a Year on Year growth in organic search traffic of 72% and an associated revenue growth across the same period of 107%.
700+Links Earned
200k +Page Views
+ 72%Organic Traffic
+ 107%Organic Revenue