The World’s Most Instagrammable Sneakers

The Brief

How do you land BIG links for a brand in an industry which isn't, by default, glamorous or overly consumer focussed? By getting smart and thinking outside the box!

Digitaloft were engaged by forward2me to undertake a content-led link building campaign to earn links from the world's biggest publishers to increase overall site authority, rankings and organic visibility.

There was an agreement that a data-driven approach was the way forwards, however the big question was how to land coverage which makes sense to the brand whilst shooting for top-tier relevancy.
Content Marketing
Telling the story of the world's most Instagrammed sneakers, we landed 100+ top-tier links for the brand from global publishers...

The Solution

During our discovery phase with the brand, we discovered that one of their most-shipped products is limited edition sneakers; shipping globally UK exclusive launches and the like. Understanding the appeal of sneakers (trainers to you Brits) to journalists across fashion and lifestyle, we knew there was a story to be told.

We compiled, using a number of sources, an initial list of the world's best-selling sneakers, before comparing this against the hashtags for each respective sneaker. Revealing that the Adidas NMD's are the most hashtagged sneakers on Instagram, we also told the story that Nike don't feature until position 7; a surprising stat yet one which got the media talking!

Launching in July 2018, we visualised the data in a simple, yet stunning, infographic; sharing the hashtag stats and the ranking of the sneakers to allow journalists to pull their own stories and present in ways most relevant to their publication.

The campaign is a great example as to how successful a campaign can be when taking the time to understand a brand and how to maintain relevancy yet creating content around topics which journalists care about.
Using free to obtain, public data, such as that from Instagram, offers a great way to attribute authority to campaigns and execute on lower budgets; without the expense of collecting data through surveys and the like.

The Results

To date, the campaign has earned more than 100 links from some of the world's leading publications including Huffington Post, The Sun, Daily Mail, Refinery29, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Bleacher Report, Marie Claire & many more as well as being visited by more than 30,000 unique users over the first 2 week period since launch.
100+Links Earned
70+Linking Root Domains
40,000+Social Shares
30k+Page Views