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Selling Sunset is the latest hit Netflix reality show that we’ve been binge-watching during lockdown, tracking the lives of a group of glamorous real estate agents in sunny Los Angeles as they find swanky new pads for the Hollywood elite while trying to find love at the same time.

But on top of raking in a tidy commission on each property that they sell (sometimes pocketing as much as $150k per sale!), how much could the stars of Selling Sunset be making from their social media accounts? Our digital PR team set out to crunch the numbers and find out…

The top 3 Selling Sunset stars by potential earnings are: 

  • Heather Young.

    Before appearing as one of Selling Sunset’s top-selling agents, Heather Rae Young was an actress, appearing in films and TV shows such as Love in the Time of Monsters and ‘Til Death.

    Heather also works as a model, and was also a Playboy Playmate in her early 20s, building up a following of over 796,166 over the years.

    It is estimated that Heather could be earning up to $3,954 per Instagram post.
  • Chrishell Stause.

    Chrishell is no stranger to being a star on the screen, having had jobs before Selling Sunset as an actress on popular US TV programmes including Days of Our Lives, and All My Children, as well as being married to This Is Us star, Justin Hartley.

    Though the marriage did not work out (her divorce is rumoured to be a big focus of the upcoming third series), Chrishell could be earning up to $3,093 per Instagram post, based on her 621,406 followers.
  • Christine Quinn.

    With a reputation for causing drama, Christine enters the second season of Selling Sunset, having just returned from a world tour of five-star resorts (paid for by her last huge commission), announcing her engagement to millionaire Christian Richard, who is retired at 41.

    Quickly becoming one of the series’ icons, Christine could be earning up to $2,160 per post, based on her 433,297 followers.


All follower counts correct as of 25/06/2020.

Estimated earnings per post are calculated using Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator, which estimates earnings based on factors such as number of followers and engagement.

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