Pandemic Pondering – What We’ve Been Thinking About During Lockdown?

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All the time stuck indoors has had an interesting effect on us all, with some people making the most of every second, learning new skills, while for many it’s driven us round the bend with boredom!

Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve all spent more time on the web and Google searches are a perfect way to see into what sort of things we’re all doing and thinking about during lockdown.

Search data can be useful for showing how certain industries and trends have been affected by the current situation, but they also throw up some pretty bizarre results too! 

Here are some of the things that have got our minds wandering during lockdown, according to worldwide Google Trends data.

Tiger King – One of Netflix’s biggest ever hits just so happened to launch right around the time we were all entering lockdown, so it’s hardly surprising that some of the most popular searches revolve around the exploits of Joe Exotic. In fact, the events of Tiger King were so bonkers that in March and April there were 209,000 for “Is Tiger King real?”.

Toilet Paper – The early days of lockdown saw supermarket shelves empty as people flocked to buy essentials, with toilet paper quickly becoming a valuable commodity. Aside from searches for where you could find it, some of the more unusual queries included “Why is Toilet Paper Important?”, “Where Does Toilet Paper Come From?” and “How to Make Toilet Paper”.

Dating – The dating landscape has completely changed in the age of social distancing, with more people asking things such as “How to Virtual Date?” and “How to Flirt Online”, while some have looked to use the current situation to their advantage with “Coronavirus Pickup Lines”.

Sources & Methodology

All figures were calculated using Google Trends, which measures search interest for a given period and relate to worldwide searches.

For each search term, we took an average search interest score for March and April and compared this to the average for January and February to calculate the increase in searches.

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