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One of the biggest reality TV hits of the last few months has been Below Deck, and its Mediterranean spinoff in particular, with thousands of us spending our lockdown tuning in to follow the lives of the crew members of some of the world’s most luxurious mega-yachts.

It’s classic trashy reality TV, but the show has been running longer than you might think, with the first series originally airing back in 2013.

Every day, our digital PR team are analysing the latest trends, and we’re pretty aware what a big deal Below Deck is right now. And, with this in mind, we’ve looked into which of the show’s stars have gained the biggest social followings, as well as estimating who could potentially be earning the most through sponsored posts.

1. Kate Chastain – $3,056 per post

Below Deck’s biggest star is chief stewardess Kate Chastain, who currently has over 600,000 followers on Instagram and it’s estimated that her profile could be worth just over $3,000 per post!

Kate was one of the longest-running crew members on the show, second only to Captain Lee Rosbach, but left at the end of the latest season.

2. Ben Robinson – $2,109 per post

Ben Robinson was the crew’s chef for the main show’s first four seasons and also appeared in seasons one and four of the Mediterranean spinoff, gaining over 400,000 followers from his various appearances on the show, for an estimated income of over $2,000 per post.

3. Lee Rosbach – $1,969 per post

The show’s longest-serving cast member is Captain Lee Rosbach, who has been on board since the very beginning, keeping the rest of the crew in check with his no-nonsense approach and making sure that it’s all smooth sailing. 

He currently has just under 400,000 followers on Instagram, with estimated earnings per post of $1,959.


All follower counts correct as of 26/06/2020.
Estimated earnings per post are calculated using Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator, which estimates earnings based on factors such as number of followers and engagement.

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