20 Of The Craziest Questions People Ask Google [Infographic]

Whilst the average person spends 1 hour 40 minutes browsing social networks each day, there’s another habit which wastes hours each week for many … asking Google a whole host of crazy questions!

Some people really do seem to have too much time on their hands judging by what people are Googling, with the questions asked ranging from the plain stupid to the downright disgusting!

We wanted to use our knowledge as an SEO agency to pull together a fun infographic which shows some of the most bizarre searches made each month!

Using Google Autocomplete and their Keyword Planner tool, here’s 20 of the craziest questions people ask the world’s favourite search engine each month. It’s intended solely as a little bit of fun; however some of these are hilarious!

How many are you guilty of searching for in the past?

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